Place An Order

To place your order please email the following information to

**If sending large files, please use  This is a free site that will give you a confirmation when the files are sent and when they are downloaded.

Please give a detailed description of the job and note any special request for optimal printing success.


Below is a list of things to keep in mind well placing your order.

1. Please include your paper type and then color if applicable:

20lb. Text White Copy Paper
24lb. Text White Color Copy Paper
65lb. White Cover Stock
90lb. White Cover Stock
100lb. White Cover Stock
20lb. Text color Copy Paper (Please select a color from the list below.)
65lb. Color Cover Stock (Please select a color from the list below.)


Bright Red                                 Celestial Blue
Cosmic Orange                        Fireball Fuchsia
Gamma Green                         Pulsar Pink
Solar Yellow                             Terra Green
Terrestial Teal                          Aqua

Buff                                          Gold
Gray                                         Green
Ivory                                        Orchid
Pink                                         Salmon
Tan                                           Yellow


2. Please include whether you want single or double sided copies.

3. Please include how you want the copies made.

Color Copies
Black and White Copies
Combination Copies

4. Please include the finishing options you would like:

Staples left-corner
Spiral Bind (Clear Plastic Cover or Black Leather Back)
Coil Bind
3 Hole Drilled
Cover Stock
Shrink Wrap

5. Please include how many copies you would like made.